(by Howard Evans)

Note that the scoreboard showed Past as 43 but that was because the unbiased touchjudge Darryl Thomas kept putting his flag up for every conversion effort by the Past. Also, note that Darren Ryan kicked conversions for both sides, yet he never changed sides!! And more importantly, £2,050 was collected for charity.

In the game the Present led 70-5 at half-time but the Past took the second half by 36-14. So who had the greatest stamina? Indeed, did the Past have more than 15 on the field?

What a game and what a performance by the Past. Daran Griffiths, Mike Hook, Dan Hawkins, the always fit Kevin Ellis and the brilliant Darren Ryan were some of the backs who were outstanding. And up front, Marc Breeze, Andrew Clathworthy, Ian Moore and Richard Morris all stood out.

For the Present, Craig Price scored two tries and a conversion in his first outing for the Wizards and Mike Wilson and Llyr Davies were exciting runners. Lee Purnell as ever, Craig Price and Rhys Forse also went splendidly.

In a 60-minute game, well controlled by Simon Rees, Craig Price scored the first try after two minutes and others followed by Shaun Pearce, Mike Wilson and Pearce again, all converted by Stef Williams. But, then came the rare site of an Ian Moore try as he was heavily tackled but out came the gangling right arm and whop went the ball on the line. Sean Holley missed the conversion though Darryl gave it over. By half-time there were tries bt Price again, Jacob Flynn, Wilson again, Sam Williams, David Pritchard and Lee Purnell and conversions by Liam Popham (3), Stef Williams, Craig Price, and Pritchard.
In the second half the exciting Llyr Davies scored and converted at 77-5, but then the Past got going as tries came a forward push (who got the touchdown?), Kevin Ellis (alert as ever), Rhydian Gierat, Ian Poley and Jamie Davies. Holley goaled two and Darren Ryan one. The Present hit back with Andrew Hall (Gorseinon) scoring and Ryan popped the conversion over against his own side. But the Past scored the last try as the hugely popular Chris Kinsey crossed and Holley goaled it.

Great day. Great entertainment.

Past 41 - 84 Present

Present Starting XV:
Liam Popham; Mike Wilson, Will Price, Rheon James, Shaun Pearce; Steffen Williams, Jacob Flynn; Rhyse Forse, Luke Davies, Rhys Henry, Ben Jones, Ben Davies, Craig Price, Luke Joseph, Lee Purnell.

Present Squad:
Jacob Blackmore, Ben Davies, Dan Davies, Llyr Davies, Luke Davies, Shane Davies (Vardre), Rob Dudley-Jones, David Evans, Jacob Flynn, Rhys Forse, Rhydian George, Andrew Hall (Gorseinon), Rhys Henry, Rheon James, Ben Jones, Luke Joseph, Shaun Pearce, Liam Popham, Craig Price, Will Price, David Pritchard, Lee Purnell, Kane Teear-Bourge, Ben Thomas, Jon Thomas, Sam Williams, Steffen Williams, Mike Wilson.

Past Squad:
Paul Bamsey, Allan Bateman (Heol-Y-Cyw - Guest), Marc Breeze, Paul Breeze, Andrew Clatworthy, Chris Davies, Jamie Davies, Steve Davies, Kevin Ellis, Liam Gadd, Rhydian Gierat, Ray Giles, Daran Griffiths, Daniel Hawkins, Sean Holley, Michael Hook, Gavin Hooper, Jason Hyatt, Ceri Jones, Mark Jones, Mike Kelly, Chris Kinsey, Barry Maddocks, Mervyn Meredith, Ian Moore, Richard Morris, Colin Noon, Ian Poley, Rob Price, Darren Ryan, Billy Shenton, Nathan Strong, Andrew Thomas, Ceiron Thomas, Neil White, Lenny Woodard.

Present Scorers:
T - Craig Price (2), Shaun Pearce (2), Mike Wilson (2), Jacob Flynn, Sam Williams, David Pritchard, Lee Purnell, Llyr Davies, Andrew Hall
C - Steffen Williams (5), Liam Popham (3), Craig Price, David Pritchard, Llyr Davies, Darren Ryan

​Past Scorers:
T - Ian Moore, Marc Breeze, Kevin Ellis, Rhydian Gierat, Jamie Davies, Chris Kinsey
C - Sean Holley (2), Darren Ryan

Simon Rees

First Half:
01 min: Present - T - Craig Price & C - Steffen Williams (7 - 0)
05 min: Present - T - Shaun Pearce & C - Steffen Williams (14 - 0)
06 min: Present - T - Mike Wilson & C - Steffen Williams (21 - 0)
07 min: Present - T - Shaun Pearce & C - Steffen Williams (28 - 0)
13 min: Past - T - Ian Moore (28 - 5)
17 min: Present - T - Craig Price & C - Craig Price (35 - 5)
23 min: Present - T - Jacob Flynn & C - Steffen Williams (42 - 5)
25 min: Present - T - Mike Wilson & C - Liam Popham (49 - 5)
28 min: Present - T - Sam Williams & C - Liam Popham (56 - 5)
30 min: Present - T - David Pritchard & C - David Pritchard (63 - 5)
32 min: Present - T - Lee Purnell & C - Liam Popham (70 - 5)
32 min: Half Time

Second Half:
04 min: Present - T - Llyr Davies & C - Llyr Davies (77 - 5) 
07 min: Past - T - Marc Breeze (77 - 10)
10 min: Past - T - Kevin Ellis (77 - 15)
15 min: Past - T - Rhydian Gierat & C - Sean Holley (77 - 22)
21 min: Past - T - Ian Poley (77 - 27)
24 min: Past - T - Jamie Davies & C - Darren Ryan (77 - 34)
28 min: Present - T - Andrew Hall & C - Darren Ryan (84 - 34)
29 min: Past - T - Chris Kinsey & C - Sean Holley (84 - 41)
35 min: Full Time