1938 Sid Williams may have played?
1939 S. Williams v East Midlands (scored 4 of the 5 BaaBaas tries)
1959 J. Collins v East Midlands (scored a try)
1962 A. O'Connor v East Midlands
1963 A. O'Connor v Leicester
1964 L. Cunningham v New Zealand
1967 M. Wiltshire v New Zealand; W. Mainwaring v Leicester
1968 M. Wiltshire v East Midlands, Cardiff, Newport
1968-69 No records supplied by Barbarians only scorers (no Wizards scored)
1971 I. Hall v Penarth, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Neath (centenary)
1972 A. Martin v Penarth, Cardiff
1973 A. Martin v Penarth, Newport, Leicester
1974 I. Hall v Penarth (fullback); C. Shell v Moseley; A. Martin v Moseley; J. Bevan v New Zealand
1975 A. Martin v East Midlands; C. Shell v East Midlands
1976 A. Martin v Australia, Penarth, Newport
1977 M. Howells v Penarth, Swansea
1978 J. Richardson v Cardiff, Swansea; A. Martin v Penarth, New Zealand; N. Hutchings v New Zealand, Leicester
1979 N. Hutchings v Penarth (scored a try), Newport; A. Martin v Cardiff
1983 W. James v East Midlands, Penarth, Swansea
1985 W. James v Penarth, Cardiff
1987 R. Giles v East Midlands
1988 (R. Giles scored a try for Cardiff v Barbarians)
1991 (Karl Tapper down as Sweden)
2006 R. Morris v Combined Services (scored two tries)
2007 R. Morris v East Midlands
2008 C. Gittins v Combined Services
2011 J. Davies, M. Breeze, R. Carter v Richmond

2011 C. Davies, J. Davies v South of Scotland

2014 I. Moore v Combined Services

Information provided by Howard Evans