Christmas Lights News

December 2017

Now that the Christmas lights and decorations are up and running on Station Road, Forge Road and the Christmas tree is up, lit and looking lovely (despite unjustified early criticism) it’s time to say thank you to everyone who has contributed and to the following companies who have donated to the fund so far.

Centregreat Ltd

Andrew Scott Ltd

Hacer Developments Ltd

Pig Iron Tavern

Bouygues UK

Aberavon Shopping Centre

Morganstone Ltd

Port Talbot Cricket Club

Margam Abbey Lodge – Freemasons

Michael Sheen

Pump Supplies Ltd

And many individuals who have donated as well.

Thank you to all but a special thanks go to Centregreat Ltd for installing everything, without their help this simply would not have happened this year.

Next year it’s our intention to make it even better so if anyone out there wants to get involved then please get in touch.

Thank you

Andrew John

Chris Davies

Aberavon RFC

November 2017

This is the first year that Aberavon RFC have taken full control of funding, installing and supplying the Christmas tree and lights so we have a bit to learn but at least we are trying. We can rectify any mistakes and improve things for next year where required.

We have purchased a complete new set of lights from money raised in a very short time.