Aberavon RFC Player Profile

Name: James Dax Bija
Nick Name: Massive
Date of birth: 16/6/89
Place of birth: Swansea
Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 15.5 stone
Previous Clubs: Bonyman, Swansea
Who’s the joker of the team: Browny
Worst dress code of the team: Browny
Most memorable game: Last game of the season v the Quins
Sporting Hero: Hulk Hogan
Favourite TV programme: Pawnstars storage wars
How do you prepare for a game: Always a full monty with the lads then to the club
Player admired: Colin Charvis
Favourite food: Lasagne, garlic bread curly fries!
Favourite drink: Apple juice
Favourite Ground: Park Mawr Bonymaen
Favourite Music: Funky house
What advice would you give to junior rugby players:
Why did you choose Aberavon RFC: Would be the best looking one in the team and great supporters