Kit Sponsorship

A partnership with Aberavon Rugby provides a great platform to promote your business via the main match & replica shirts.

Whether you are looking to build brand awareness in Wales, UK and nationally through the 28 high profile games featuring Aberavon Rugby each year or promote your business to our 1,000+ crowd at each game, a partnership with Aberavon Rugby would work for you.

Kit branding can be included on the following areas:

- Upper Back
- Lower Back
- Sleeve
- Collar
- Shoulders
- Shorts

Please enquire for prices.

Player Sponsorship

Aberavon Rugby is pleased to offer its supporters and partners the opportunity to sponsor individual players. The benefits of player sponsorship are individually tailored to take into account the needs of the sponsor and the player concerned.

Benefits to you will be developed around the following options:

- Company player days
- Product endorsements
- Award ceremonies (e.g. employee awards)
- Player access on match-days
- Organisation name mentioned in PA announcements
- Invitation to player sponsorship evening
- Organisation name alongside your chosen player in the match-day magazine
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Price is £200 + VAT (corporate)

Other Options

Aberavon's commercial team work with businesses to create value-creating marketing opportunities

To find out how a partnership with Aberavon Rugby could work for your business, please contact the Commercial Team at